Faith of the Fenugreek 8 - Notebook - 21 AD

Faith of the Fenugreek 8 - Notebook

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Once (when he was a kid)  Lord Hanuman was very hungry and was demanding fruit from his mother. ... Hanuman sees the orange sun through his window and thinks that it is a big orange fruit. So he jumps in the sky to swallow it.

This story is part of the Ramayan showing the strength and Power Hanumanji had, as no one can go as close to the sun as he did. A normal human being would burn.

Faith of the Fenugreek, the name is derived from Kesari which is Hanuman's favourite colour. He is also called Kesari nandan. The reason it is named this way is to spread the word of Hanuman and also tell you that faith just as much as the size of a fenugreek seed is enough for us to be blessed with unimaginable abundance in life:)... so take this Leap of Faith.

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