Artist FAQs



  1. How do I know how much I can earn from a product I’ve designed?

A: For evaluating your profits, you can use the spreadsheet shared with you for calculating the costs of products.

  1. What is the distribution in the cost between you (the supplier) and me (the artist)?

A: Out of the total value for a product, the production cost goes to us, and the profit you want to set goes to you. In short, the price that the product will be on sale for is the sum of our income plus yours, and yours depends entirely on what you want to price it as.

  1. How often do I need to send files? Is it time bound?

A: It is not time bound, and you can send multiple pieces altogether or upload them at your own place in the destination folder (which will be shared with you shortly).

  1. In what format do we upload our files?

A: You will need to upload a scanned copy of your artwork, following which we will prepare a mock-up version of it and run it through you before handing it over to the vendors for printing.

  1. Can I endorse my product on my own - say, put it up on social media - or is it strictly limited to 21AD alone?

A: You are free to put up your content on any platform you like, since your content is your original work and you have complete rights over it - there are no rigid restrictions.

  1. Do I, as an artist, need to undertake marketing as a task too for this website?

A: It would be highly beneficial for you to market your work and the website as a whole with your peers/family, and we completely encourage it; but it is not a mandatory part of your job as a seller.

  1. Can mature or PG 13 content be designed for this website?

A: No, we will not be accepting such submissions. This is a website intended to be friendly to all age groups and demographics, so all content has to be decent. No content about sex, anti religion, hate speech, drugs would be accepted.

  1. Do any charges, such as shipping charges, have to be paid by us?

A: No. Shipping charges are immaterial to your work, and moreover, there are no shipping charges for orders above 1,000.

  1. At any point of time, if I am unable to continue this work, what is the process for ending my service?

A: You can simply cancel your agreement. Writing an email will be enough, although there doesn't need to be such a case because once you share the artwork, we manage everything else - you just benefit from the income.

  1. If in the future, some brand like 21AD copies one of our artworks, is the company legally equipped to handle it? 

A: The entire concept of copyright with regards to Artwork is complicated. The moment an Artwork is created, it naturally goes into a copyright which the artist holds but there is no mechanism to stop other brands from taking inspiration from it and creating their own version of it.

  1. Are black and white the only colours available for clothing? Will there be more colours available soon?

A: We have made all colour options - 11 of them - available to all artists. You can select the top 4-5 colours that you want for your artwork, and delete the rest from the backend.

  1. How much time do our products take to get approved after uploading them?

A: This will generally happen within 48 hours. So after the product is uploaded, you have to send the PNG files and excel sheet containing all the details. Once that is done, we will review it and then approve it through the back-end.

  1. How do I know if my mockup has been successfully uploaded on the seller profile?

A: If your mockup has been approved, the status will be ‘Approved’; if your work is awaiting approval, the status will be ‘Disapproved’. Note that this does not mean that your art has been rejected, it only means that it hasn’t been checked and approved yet.

  1. Do I sell the copyright to my image if I decide to sell on your platform? would I still be able to use and sell said image via my personal platform? 

A: No, you will continue to hold the copyright to your artwork. All of your artwork is your property.

  1. If I want to revoke a design from your platform, will you delete the .png file from your database?

A: If you choose to delete a product or your account, we will delete the products from our end.

  1. How does the artist get paid - is it a monthly sum of total sales in that month, or as soon as an order is placed?

A: All sales up to the 21st of each month are calculated, after which a payment link is sent to the artist accordingly.

  1. As an artist would I receive the physical product that I have listed on your website or will I have to order my own designs?

A: You would receive it only if you purchase it - just like any other customer would. We do not send free samples, if that's what you’re asking for.

  1. I haven't come across any images shared by customers displaying their products, would it be possible for me to see the print quality and final in hand condition of the product?

A: You can check the "Reviews" highlight on our Instagram page.