September 2020 Platform Update

Hey Artists!
We are pleased to inform you that we will soon be completing 2 months of 21AD and we have seen success in all forms and shapes and nothing would've been possible without you. We strive to improve by 1% every day and hope to bring you all forward with us. 
So buckle up as here are our updates:
Art Updates:
We have crossed 1,800 products and coming from 100 artists while we touch 300 artist sign-ups on the platform.
Platform Updates:
We are constantly working to improve your experience as an artist on our platform. We have taken in all your feedback and are working on something big.
Product Updates:
Quality being of utmost importance to us, we are working hard to ensure that every product we dispatch is of the highest quality. In line with the same we are introducing the following products this month, along with their dates of launch: 
1. Reintroduction of Ceramic Mugs: 25th August 2020
2. Stickers (3x3in and 6x6in): 1st September 2020
The details of these products are here:
The costing is here:
Marketing Updates:
Our Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns have been successful in bringing us sales and we would be doing more of them this month too.
Along with that, for people in the Sales Success Group, we will be working on further collaborations for creating hype around their pages and of course 21AD online.
Payment Updates:
This month onwards all your payments will be made on the 2nd of every month, for sales that have happened till the last date of the previous month.
We hope this update made you happy and helps us achieve our goals. Remember, just 1% every day will make you 37 times better in a single year.
All The Best!
Happy Selling!